Hey! Welcome to Ninjamovies! This is a fun site that doesn't have much to do with ninjas! The name was just recently changed back to its original name! Read the description below and see if you like it... If you do... JOIN! If you don't... DON'T! Remember.... Visit Miller's Space!

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Ninja Movies is now under run of Ninja-Inc. It's still - Gouldy Gouldy but I use it as a way to keep track of my Ninja Spaces.
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Thank you for visiting our site.. Lately we have been having technical difficulties... This is an awesome space to hang out and have FUN! So have FUN!
your orginizers,
- gouldy gouldy

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Only Organizers can edit.. If you spam.. I'll be angry .

I would like to thank all of the sites I've used Pictures & Videos from!

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